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Health Workshops for the Calgary Area

  • Optimize Your Health

    ▪ Learn to make changes in HOW you eat, that will help improve energy and digestion, as well as reducing your risk of heart disease, and help to lose weight. Come learn this successful approach to a heatlhy diet that has worked for so many of my clients.

  • Detoxification for the Body, Mind & Soul

    ▪ In this world of pesticides, pollution and stress, supporting your body to detoxify regularly is one of the most important things you can do to revitalize your health and prevent many diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. This presentation covers key steps you can take to support your body in eliminating toxins, both physical and emotional. You will leave with a "how-to" manual to create a successful detox program.

  • Managing Pain & Inflammation

    ▪ Do you wake with morning stiffness? Do you suffer from chronic pain? This lecture will discuss nutritional strategies and home remedies to minimize pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory diet will be discussed, as well as nutitional supplements and natural remedies that can promote healing. People that suffer from athletic injuries, as well as joint and muscle pain will benefit from this lecture.

  • Make Your Dreams a Reality

    ▪ This workshop teaches tools to help uncover your dreams and desires, and turn them into a tangible form. Whether you are still trying to determine what your dreams are, or are frustrated with not being able to achieve your dreams, this workshop is for you. I've seen many clients transform their lives with this simple tool. Come hear their inpiring stories, and learn how to apply this simple technique in your life. You will leave with a powerful tool to help direct your life and achieve your dreams.

  • Prevention and Complimentary Treatment of Common Ailments

    ▪ In this workshop you will learn how to keep you and your family healthy throughout the year, as well as strategies to boost your immune system and help speed the road to recovery from common ailments such as colds, flu, ear aches, sore throats, sinus infections and more. Leave with a how-to manual to help you implement these simple and effective strategies today.

  • Natural Solutions for Managing Shift Work

    ▪ This workshop teaches important lifestyle strategies and complementary remedies to support optimal health in a shift-work environment. You'll leave with a how-to manual to implement these strategies.

  • Understanding Your Fertility

    ▪ In this workshop we'll review how the female hormone cycle works and learn how to chart your cycle for fertility awareness. Learn to recognize your body's natural rhythm as well as diet and lifestyle changes that can be used to help support a healthy cycle. This workshop is ideal for women planning for a family in the near future, women struggling with infertility, as well as any women interested in a greater understanding of their body and hormonal cycle.

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

    ▪ Our corporate wellness programs target high attrition rates, as well as burnout associated with executive positions, long work hours or shift work. For more information, please contact us.

  • Healthy Kids, Healthy Family

    ▪ This talk is targeted to parents who are interested in keeping their kids safe and naturally healthy.  Learn tips and tricks on safe and effective home remedies that can be easily used to treat a variety of common childhood conditions (as well as tips to keep mom and dad healthy too).

  • Healthy Aging

    ▪ Learn the secrets to healthy aging and how physical activity, mental stimulation and
    lifestyle choices intermingle to promote a graceful transition through the golden years.

  • Looking for Something Else? Inquire about having a workshop tailored to meet your needs.