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Are you are searching for natural solutions to improve your health today
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At the Centre for Natural Medicine in Calgary we understand the importance of health in achieving your goals, whatever they may be. We utilize natural solutions that can foster your health and help you reach your full potential.

We provide compassionate, patient-centered care with a focus on finding the root cause of your ailment and removing obstacles to healing. We use the latest scientific evidence along with the wisdom of traditional and natural medicines to guide you towards actualizing your goals and finding your healthier you.

Experience Personalized Medicine

Our team is dedicated to finding a plan that works for you.

Targeted Treatments to Support Healing

From IV therapy to Craniosacral therapy, Allergy reduction to Acupuncture, there is a treatment right for you.

Treatments We Offer

Our centre offers both CranioSacral Therapy & Naturopathic Medicine.  Initial naturopathic medicine visits have a goal of spending time getting to know you. In order to be thorough, initial visits are about one hour in length. We discuss your current health concerns and goals, as well as collect your complete health history, family medical history, and a review of your body systems. Through individualized assessments, we then determine the treatments best suited to you. Contact or visit us in our Calgary Office.

Conditions We Treat

Naturopathic doctors are trained as primary care providers and able to assess and treat a wide range of concerns. This is not a complete list, but rather a list of common conditions that we see. If your condition or concern is not found below this does not mean we do not treat that particular condition.  CranioSacral therapy can be beneficial in multiple conditions, from pain to anxiety, growth and injury.  Our Calgary clinic will have more information on the full condition list we treat. Please contact us for more information.

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Enriching lives naturally.

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