Dr. Angela Kirk ND

As a Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary, and as a mother of two, I am passionate about doing my part to leave the world a better place. Broadly, this is an overwhelming task, but in small pieces, it is amazing and fulfilling work filled with countless small miracles along the way.  

Over the last 16 years, I have worked with female and male patients to optimize nutrition, identify and reduce lifestyle stressors, and to treat underlying health conditions. I work as a family doctor, meaning I am privileged to work with people of all ages, going through all stages of life. I treat the whole family, from preconception through to healthy aging and everything in between.  Supporting couples to achieve healthy pregnancies is an important area of my practice that inspires and drives my passion for natural medicine. I provide specialized fertility support, working with couples from preconception, to optimize overall health, on through pregnancy to help nurture the development of a healthy and thriving baby.

I believe firmly in the tenet of doctor as teacher, and I aim to support my patients to feel better because they eat better, think better and live better.  I am excited each time I see a patient gain confidence in recognizing and treating conditions naturally where possible. 

I see pollution and the changing environment no longer as simply a concern for those with asthma or chemical sensitivities, but a part of the human condition, which must be integrated into the way we see and use medicine for all.  For this reason I’ve completed post graduate training in Environmental Medicine.

I work to support people to find the best of themselves, and in the process am finding the best in myself.  I am so grateful to have a career that I love, which also leaves me time to fill my heart and my days with family, my precious children, and my other loves of nature, mountain sports, music and great healthy food.