Allergy Relief with Testing & Targeted Therapies

Many are surprised to learn that your allergy symptoms are actually formed as an immune response!  What was designed to help and heal, can cause immense discomfort and even life-threatening symptoms.  This overly aggressive response occurs to everyday exposures such as foods, inhaled or touched substances.

One of the most common allergy responses seen is hay fever, which can cause sneezing, itchy runny or stuffy nose, itchy watery eyes, and headache.  Not an optimal way to experience your spring, or for some daily life.

Our Naturopathic approach to allergy treatment includes starting with identifying your allergies.  We can work with testing done by any allergist, and also do blood IgE testing when indicated.  When possible, the best approach to any allergy treatment plan is avoidance, thus identification is key.

All that said, we certainly do not want you to avoid nature.  Calming an overactive immune response can involve work starting from basic gut health, reducing overall allergy exposures including food sensitivities, and ensuring optimal nutrition status.  Reducing stressors to the body can involve improving sleep and emotional health, as well as overall health.  With this in mind, it is a targeted, whole person approach to emotional and physical health that underlies any allergy treatment.

Our clinic uses botanical and nutrient therapies to support the immune system and gut health.  There are also targeted therapies for where your symptoms bother you most – from skin to lungs, respiratory to gastrointestinal health.