There are many great DIY cleaners to try, and the key is finding one that works great for your home, and does not add to your local landfill ideally. Common ingredients that pack a powerful punch to grime, but not the environment include citrus peels (contain essential oils); essential oils such as clove, thyme, cinnamon, orange, lemon; vinegar, baking soda (not in the same bottle as vinegar!), grapefruit seed extract, and more! Recipe credit likely goes to our great great ancestors- as you can find similar recipes all over the internet!

For this easy citrus cleanser- you will need:

  • 1 two-cup sized mason jar (or larger if you wish to make more)
  • the peels of citrus fruit (orange, lemon, grapefruit all work great) to fill half the jar
  • vinegar to cover
  • spray bottle
  • Optional: citrus acid as a preservative (1 tsp), added essential oils, water to dilute (only if adding extra essential oils, up to 50% of mixture can be water with up to 30 drops essential oils). If you have fresh herbs, they can also be added to the steeping part of the process.

Fill the inside of the jar half full with citrus peels, pour the vinegar over peels until they are covered completely and seal tightly. If accumulating peels as you go, start with a jar half filled with vinegar and keep adding peels as you eat the fruit. Once you have a jar of half peels, top up to full with vinegar. Store in a cupboard and allow to steep for two to four weeks shaking occasionally before straining and transferring to a spray bottle. At this time, option to add citric acid as a natural preservative, and added water/essential oils for augmented cleaning power and effect. Note these additives are optional- see what works best for your needs. If using additives- be sure to shake before use.

You now have a powerful natural cleaner that is easy on your home, your health and your pocket book.