Health goals we focus on in our Calgary clinic

We focus on a comprehensive list of health goals. Although we’ve done our best to capture the main goals below, Please contact us for other health goals you may be looking to achieve that may not be listed here.

Family Planning & Fertility

Treatments are tailored as needed to support fertility, a healthy pregnancy, birth preparation and post-natal support in Calgary.

Though we can start to work with couples at any stage, ideally we are meeting couples 6 or more months before conception, allowing us time to help optimize the health of both partners beforehand. This gives baby an even better chance at a healthy life. A preconception screen includes a general first visit to address presenting complaints, as well as environmental and nutritional testing to ensure an ideal environment for baby to grow.

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Men's Health

Men face many unique health challenges and deserve an approach specifically tailored to meet their needs.

Along with prostate issues, erectile dysfunction, and decreased libido in Calgary. Men also face an increased risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Stress and burn-out are additional problems that many men commonly face. Because of the sensitive nature of these health issues and the negative or undesired side-effects that may occur with conventional treatment many men choose to ignore the problem or tough it out instead of dealing with it. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Naturopathic medicine can provide safe, non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical treatments to address these issues and allow you to reclaim your health and retain your masculinity.

Healthy Skin

Your skin is your largest organ and reflects your internal health. Whether you experience acne, eczema, rashes, or psoriasis, your internal health is where we focus. Your skin is an indicator of nutrient status, hormonal health, immune health, and the burden of toxins in your body.

Therefore, we will ensure you have the right nutrients and building blocks for healthy skin. Depending on your unique situation, we will consider your hormones and blood sugar, since imbalances in both can contribute to acne. We will investigate your diet and whether you have any food sensitivities or food allergies, which can contribute to acne, eczema and psoriasis. We will also determine whether detoxification and cleansing may be necessary to decrease toxins that can contribute to skin conditions. With the use of diet, herbal medicine, homeopathics, specific nutrients and supplements most skin conditions will greatly improve in just a few months and all from our Calgary office.

Healthy Aging

Whether you are wishing to remain active into your senior years, want to slow the progression of chronic disease or avoid being reliant on pharmaceutical medications, it is never too early or too late to take a proactive approach to your health in Calgary.

Aging is a byproduct of life, not the process of deteriorating health. Healthy aging involves minimizing the effects of cellular damage and delaying the onset of chronic disease. Because diet and other lifestyle factors including stress and physical activity play such a significant role in either preventing or provoking the onset of chronic disease a holistic approach involves addressing each of them.

By taking a proactive approach to aging and the chronic conditions that often accompany it our naturopathic doctors can help you to improve your energy, reduce pain, increase mobility, and help you stay engaged in the life you love to live.

Fewer Sick Days

Catching a cold a few times a year is actually a sign of a healthy immune system. Our approach involves supporting a healthy immune response in order to minimize the intensity, frequency, and duration of illness. While a proactive approach to cold and flu season involving a healthy diet, targeted nutrition, herbs and homeopathy can be beneficial for most people, if you find yourself getting sick frequently or taking weeks to recover, then you may benefit from additional immune system support.

Using a combination of therapies our Calgary naturopathic doctors help to manage your acute symptoms while simultaneously addressing the underlying cause.

Easy Menopause

Menopause is a normal and natural progression of a woman’s life cycle. It is the time where a woman of child-bearing age makes another important transition in her life. Menopause should progress easily with manageable symptoms. However, an uncomfortable menopause with symptoms that affect her quality of life is something that should be addressed.

Symptoms may include:

  • hot flashes, cold hands and feet
  • night sweats, insomnia
  • irregular menstrual bleeding
  • changes in urinary continence
  • vaginal dryness
  • fatigue, depression, memory loss, inability to concentrate
  • anxiety, palpitations, irritability, headaches
  • weight gain, thinning hair
  • changes in libido or sex drive

When a woman comes into our Calgary office for naturopathic care we can test her hormonal levels to check for hormone imbalances that could be contributing to menopausal symptoms. We can also assess her risk for heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. Combinations of altering diet, including exercise, herbal medicine, specific nutrients or supplements and homeopathy are very effective for easing menopause for the vast majority of women.

Easy Menstrual Cycles

A healthy menstrual cycle is regular and effortless. However it seems ‘normal’ that a woman’s cycle is filled with fluctuating symptoms involving mood, pain and fatigue.

Common symptoms include:

  • anxiety, irritability, mood swings
  • depression, low self esteem
  • headaches or migraines
  • menstrual cramps, back ache
  • fatigue, food cravings
  • breast tenderness, acne
  • bloating, diarrhea, constipation
  • worsening of other conditions

Often it is helpful to use laboratory tests of saliva or blood to test a woman’s hormones during her cycle. She may have hormone imbalances that are leading to her symptoms and discomfort in her cycle. A combination of diet, exercise, herbal and homeopathic medicine with specific nutrients or supplements will usually ease and regulate a woman’s cycle within 3-6 months.

Balanced Mood

Highs and lows are a normal part of life but when the lows get too low or the highs get too high they can have a significant effect on your relationships, work, and overall quality of life. We listen to how your current state is impacting you, and then work with you to balance your moods and manage stress at our Calgary office.

Through a combination of diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, botanicals, breathing, or other therapies, we work to balance hormones and neurotransmitters, and promote a healthy stress response in order to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and high stress. Abraham Lincoln said, “most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds up to be”. While there is plenty of truth to his words, it’s not always that simple or that easy.

Knowing when it is time to ask for help can be the first step towards feeling calm, balanced and happy.

Abundant Energy

What would you do with 10% more energy? 20% more? Fatigue and tiredness can have a significant effect on productivity and happiness. While many people have come to believe that a certain amount of fatigue is a natural by-product of modern life this simply is not true. There are many safe and natural therapies available to support better sleep, manage stress, and improve energy.


The modern world is full of toxins – both from the environment and from our food. These toxins can cause various non-descript problems in our bodies when they build up, creating a high body burden. Symptoms of elevated body burden may present in a variety of ways including fatigue, pain, brain fog, and weight gain.

Depuration (cleansing) helps the body to return to a state of balance by gently lowering the toxic burden and promoting optimal function. Depuration may be prescribed in the treatment of specific health concerns or as part of a general well-being plan and may involve dietary changes, specific supplementation to support the elimination of toxins from the body, chelation or use of sauna therapy.

Pain Management

When you are in pain it can affect almost every area of your life – from your physical health and the ability to move and be physically active, to your mental health and your ability to maintain a positive attitude. By removing or managing pain previously overwhelming and impossible obstacles may be overcome and a whole new life opened up in front of you. We offer a variety of treatment options in our Calgary office that are effective in treating pain including Bowen therapy, CranioSacral therapy and IV therapy and acupuncture, among others.

Healthy Pregnancy

There are many ways that we can support a couple to bring their baby into the world with as optimal health as possible. Pregnancy can be glorious, and it can also be miserable. We can help to reduce and manage nausea, poor appetite, cravings, depression, rashes, acne, sciatica, and other difficult symptoms of pregnancy. We can also help with prevention of complications, birth preparation, planning for moderate weight gain, and a positive post-partum experience. We also offer specialized fertility treatments in our Calgary office to help support a couple in achieving pregnancy.

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Healthy Baby

There are multiple factors that can be used to help your baby have the healthiest start in life, from pre-conception health of both parents, environmental assessments and cleansing as needed, to optimal nutrition through pregnancy and nursing. We provide support in Calgary to prepare both mom and baby for a healthy delivery and post-partum, including homeopathy, botanical medicine, bowen therapy, acupuncture, and more. When indicated, treatments can be used to help with the turning of a breech baby, or to help initiate or augment labour. This treatment extends past the birth with well-baby visits done to help make sure baby is meeting important mile-stones, as well as inform families on food introductions, managing colic, vaccination protocols, and more. Infant CranioSacral therapy is an amazing tool to help baby with growth and development.

Healthy Hormones

Much of how our bodies operate is thanks to a complex and intricate balance of a multitude of different hormones. From fertility to sex drive and metabolism to healthy aging our hormones are involved in a wide array of functions.

Having both the proper amounts as well as the right hormone balance is necessary in order for the body to function properly. Imbalances may lead to infertility, PMS, irregular periods, loss of sex drive or menopausal symptoms. Acne, mood swings and weight gain (or inability to lose weight) may also be a result of hormonal imbalances.

At the Centre for Natural Medicine in Calgary, our doctors will work to uncover where these imbalances exist and devise a treatment plan to restore that balance so you can get back to feeling your best.

Healthy Heart

There is no way to understate the importance of your heart on your health. Cardiovascular disease in the form of heart attack, atherosclerosis, and hypertension is a leading cause of death and disability.

Signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease may not be obvious or overt. A thorough assessment can help uncover these silent signs. We also work to identify and reduce risk factors and promote healthy diet and lifestyle habits. There are important supplements and herbs that help support a healthy heart and vascular system. These changes can help to prevent, stop the progression and reverse heart disease.

Happy Belly

What you eat literally becomes what you are made of and therefore your diet as well as the health of your digestive tract cannot be overlooked when it comes to your health. Sub-optimal digestive function can lead to malabsorption of nutrients which can present itself as conditions as severe as osteoporosis, depression, or anemia to those as general as fatigue and malaise.

Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and acid-reflux may be signs that your digestive tract is not operating as it should be and investigation may reveal food sensitivities, stress, low stomach acid levels or inflammation as contributing factors. By removing the offending factors, supporting the healing process of the digestive system and addressing the specific underlying issues, optimal digestion can be realized, nutrients replenished and a feeling wellness restored.

Targeted and personalized approach can include nutrients (oral or IV), probiotics, homeopathics, herbs, and lab testing.

Healthy Weight

Excess weight affects your health in a negative way. You know it is a risk factor for many diseases and it may affect your self-esteem but you need help to find your healthy weight. We know that weight loss is not as simple as decreasing the calories you ingest and increasing the calories you burn.

To achieve lasting weight loss nutrition, hormones, metabolism, stress, mood and activity levels all need to be taken into account. We do a thorough assessment of where you are and where you would like to be. Some laboratory tests may be necessary to help us understand the contributors to your excess weight. We will help you find solutions for successful long term weight loss with a whole person perspective.

Autoimmune Disease

Although they manifest in many different ways, there’s a common thread behind conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, psoriasis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves disease, multiple sclerosis, and lupus. In each of these cases, antibodies attach to tissues, leading the immune system to try to destroy these tissues as if they were foreign invaders. In order to address these complex conditions, it’s important to identify likely triggers that are causing this over-activity of the immune system, and then to reduce exposure to these triggers.

We will also work on ensuring other aspects of your immune system, such as your gut bacteria and critical nutrients, are in a state that encourages balanced immunity.

Injury Recovery

In order to heal we need a few key things: sufficient nutrients to rebuild tissues, good circulation to bring nutrients into and debris out of the area, and proper immune function to regulate these processes. In order to heal fully from any acute or chronic injury, we need each of these factors functioning well. If you’re dealing with an injury, we can help ensure you have the nutrients you need to heal. We can increase circulation to the injured area using manual therapies, acupuncture, cupping, herbs, and hydrotherapy.

We can help regulate your immune system so that proper healing can occur, through treatments that may include nutrition and lifestyle counseling, supplementation, IV therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and homeopathy. While some injuries will take longer than others to recover, these therapies can put you on the path back to enjoying your regular activities.

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