Lab Testing offered at our Calgary Clinic

Lab testing may be used in order to get a more comprehensive picture of your current health status, assist in developing your treatment plan or assessing your progress.

Blood, urine or saliva may be collected and analyzed. Specific testing may include routine blood tests, allergy testing, heavy metal testing, urine analysis, or hormone testing depending on your individual health.

Below is a condensed version of some of the testing we offer. For further information or if the test you are interested in is not listed please contact our Calgary clinic to inquire.


The wide array of hormones in your body are delicately and intimately interconnected with the balance equally as important as the amounts. Testing may involve urinary, salivary and/or blood collection in order to assess male and female sex hormones, adrenal (stress) hormones, or thyroid hormones.


Food sensitivity and environmental allergies provide an extra burden of stress for the body to deal with. These sensitivities are not always obvious and testing can help to uncover them so that they may be properly addressed. Allergy testing is performed via enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay technique (ELISA) and involves only a small pin-prick to draw blood from the finger.

Environmental Exposures

Today’s world is full of more chemicals and toxins that any other point in history. These compounds can affect the body in a variety of ways, from disrupting hormone balance to direct toxicity. Other effects are as yet not known. Heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, PCBs, phthalates, parabens, porphyrins, organophosphate pesticides, bisphenol A, and more can be tested for using a simple urine collection or blood draw.

Urine Tests

Testing includes both in-house and laboratory analysis. Tests include comprehensive analysis, bone resorption assay and environmental exposures.

Routine Blood Tests

Other blood tests required for baseline testing and monitoring can be ordered as indicated. This includes but is not limited to comprehensive thyroid panels, complete blood count (CBC), iron status, vitamin D, cholesterol panels, and genomic testing.

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