Fertility & Pregnancy Support for Couples

Fertility Optimization

For healthy couples, this portion of the program involves adding a few key supplements, and then allowing couples to enjoy trying with minimal intervention. Supplements can be added to improve egg quality (especially for those over 35), as well as support healthy development such as 5-MTHF (methylated folic acid), omega 3 oils, and more.

If conception does not occur within 3 months, cycle monitoring from home is advised. This is not necessarily an indication of any problems, however starting to monitor a cycle early can speed up appropriate treatment interventions if needed. Appropriate levels of cycle monitoring are discussed and taught.

By 6 months of trying to attain pregnancy, clients will be put on a more comprehensive program, matching the clients needs, wishes, and unique fertility concerns. Many couples will be successful within this program, which can include acupuncture, Bowen therapy, uterine massage, botanical, nutritional and homeopathic supports for female and male fertility concerns, all offered at our Calgary fertility clinic.

Common problems seen and treated are:

Correction of uterine position
PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
Autoimmune conditions
Hormonal imbalances
Ammenorrhea and irregular cycles
Sperm irregularities- morphology, motility and count

Family Planning

Deciding you want children is a truly exciting moment in life. This moment may have been planned for well in advance, come by surprise, or be linked with a desire to preserve fertility and egg quality due to age, fertility challenges or illness. There are many ways a family can be made, and just as many ways our Centre for Natural Medicine Calgary fertility clinic can support you with Naturopathic Medicine.


In a perfect world, I would meet all my parents-to-be 9-12 months before they intend to conceive, both men and women. The reason is that healthier babies come from healthier parents. Problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), auto-immune disease, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), chronic fatigue syndrome, high toxic burden, and many more all take time to support and heal. For example, if heavy metal burden is found on testing, treatment should be completed at least 6 months prior to conception.

Optimization of current health prior to conception means that the sperm are healthier, and the egg is developing in a healthier environment, and later, the embryo and soon-to-be baby develop in a healthier environment. Improvement in adrenal/ stress response can even lead to those healthier babies becoming healthier adults, based on epigenetic research. It is such an exciting part of my work, and one I want to shout from the tree-tops. Plan early, if you can! If you can’t, read on- there are still several ways to support optimal health with a shorter time-frame.

Testing that may be used in the pre-conception and fertility optimization programs include:

Genomic testing
Comprehensive Female Hormone Profile
Comprehensive Male Hormone Profile
Diurnal Cortisol Stress Test or Adrenal Fatigue Stress Test
Toxic Environmental Exposures Panel
Comprehensive nutritional assessment testing
Urinary toxic metals testing
IgG food sensitivity testing
ALCAT food sensitivity testing
and more.

Co-therapy with Conventional Treatments

For clients initiating treatments including Clomid (Clomiphene), Letrozole, IUI, ICSI and IVF, plans are adjusted to optimize success. Nutritional supports have been shown to both improve natural ovulation rates, as well as response to fertility medications. Naturopathic Calgary fertility clinic protocols are guided by research, and influenced with over 12 years experience supporting couples going through fertility treatments.

Pregnancy Support

One of the most rewarding parts of doing fertility work is transitioning into pregnancy support. Providing clients with up-to-date evidenced based approach to all aspects from exercise (important!), to optimal doses of 5-MTHF, DHA, probiotics, and more. Specific supports and goals are outlined in each trimester. Pregnancy programs are tailored to the needs of each client, supporting symptoms from fatigue, nausea and constipation, to hyperemesis gravidarum and pre-eclampsia. This program is intended to be a co-support with midwifery or obstetric programs. Treatments that may be recommended as needed include IV nutritional support for hydration and fatigue, Bowen therapy and acupuncture for hormone balancing, alignment, pain relief, birth preparation, and more.

Preparation for Labour & Early Days of Parenting

Support and guidance are provided to help prepare your body for the marathon of birth, and the early needs of parenting, including nipple preparation, pelvic floor preparation, optimizing chance of ideal baby position for birth, and strategies for birthing. Essential remedies are discussed and provided for birth preparation, labour, and post birth support for mom and baby.

The Fourth Trimester – Attachment and Nursing

Support and plans are discussed to optimize integrating your new family. This includes planning for minimizing postpartum depression, supporting nursing plans, and supporting siblings. Early Bowen therapy can help speed healing for mom and baby post-birth. Additional supports are available as needed for early concerns such as milk supply, colic, skin rashes, pain, fatigue, and more.

On-going Care- Pediatrics

Naturopathic medicine is an amazing first-line support for paediatric care. From healthy approaches to diet and supplements for kids, to natural approaches to fevers, ear infections, colds, well child visits, vaccination supports and more. We strive to empower parents to feel confident in treating their own children for common concerns, and trusting us to be there for new challenges, and to refer for medical help when needed. Kids heal so fast when supported with the right approach. A part of working with kids is learning which barriers to healing a child has, such as food sensitivities, poor diet, anxiety and constipation. The benefits of transitioning kids to a naturopathic lifestyle are noticed by parents and teachers alike, and most importantly, kids feel better.