Intravenous and Intramuscular Injections. Powerful Nutrition. Now.

What are IV & injection therapies?

IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream via a small tube that is placed in a vein. This means that all of the nutrients are absorbed, compared with lower absorption rates when nutrients are taken in through the digestive tract. IV delivery also means that certain nutrients (e.g. vitamin C) can be given in higher amounts than are possible with oral supplements.  IVs can also be formulated to support overall body hydration.

Intramuscular (IM) injection therapy involves injection into the muscle, much like you may have experienced with a vaccine. The benefits are similar to those of IVs, with the main difference being that injections contain less nutrients than an IV and take only a few minutes.

What are IVs & injections helpful for?

IV & IM injection therapies are not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle, however they can be a great way to provide extra support during times of stress, illness, or increased activity. There are many health conditions that can benefit from IV and injection therapy. Ask your naturopathic doctor if injected nutrients may be a good option for you.

IV or injection therapy may be a good option when…

  • You’re coming down with a cold, or when you want to prevent getting sick
    • IV and injections targeted toward supporting the immune system can help you get through an illness faster.
  • You have an athletic event coming up
    • High-dose nutrient IVs can support muscle function and endurance, as well as supplying nutrients to help with recovery. Amino acid IVs can be particularly helpful for this purpose. A smaller IM injection can provide an energy boost for an event as well.
  • You are experiencing a particularly busy or stressful time
    • Stress depletes key nutrients, and if these are not replenished, these nutrient deficiencies can start causing symptoms such as fatigue, hormonal problems e.g. PMS, anxiety, and more.
  • You are exhausted
    • Our bodies rely on vitamins and minerals to make energy. Supplying ample amounts of these nutrients can help with boosting energy levels.
  • You experience tension or migraine headaches.
    • Magnesium acts as a vasodilator and muscle relaxant, and can be administered alongside taurine, B6 and other nutrients to support headache relief.
  • You experience painful menstrual cramps.
    • Similar to treating headaches, magnesium, taurine and B6 are part of this approach to assist in releasing tension and pain.  Additional nutrients are added to support energy and hormonal balance.
  • You have environmental sensitivities
    • Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body break down toxins.  Some people benefit from additional glutathione, either due to excessive toxin exposure or inadequate ability to synthesize this crucial nutrient on your own.  10% of the population is unable to produce adequate glutathione, and up to 50% of us are unable to properly recycle it- leaving symptoms of low levels which can include fatigue and mental confusion/ brain fog.  Additional nutrients are provided to support the recycling of glutathione in the body.

  • You experience digestive problems
    • With digestion problems, absorption of nutrients in the intestines is often impaired. If this persists, many nutrient deficiencies can occur, particularly vitamin B12 and mineral deficiencies. If you’re not able to absorb nutrients properly, IV or injection therapy can be a great way to boost up levels until your digestion has improved.

Many other conditions such as allergies, asthma, hormonal concerns, neurological conditions, and mental health concerns can also benefit from injected nutrients.

Which ingredients are in an IV or IM injection?

Each IV and Injection is personalized to the individual. Usually, an IV will contain a comprehensive combination of vitamins and minerals e.g. B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, trace minerals, etc. Amino acids can be added individually based on the case, or a blend of amino acids may be given in certain situations e.g. athletic performance and recovery.

In some cases, we also provide IV glutathione, which is a potent antioxidant that can help a variety of health conditions.

Intramuscular injections vary depending on your health concerns. They may include B vitamins (e.g. B12 shots and other B vitamins), select amino acids, or remedies that specifically support a given organ system.

Dr. Kirk is also trained in chelation therapy, which can help with heavy metal toxicity and cardiovascular health.

What can I expect when getting an IV?

The IV process involves your naturopathic doctor accessing a vein in your arm or hand. Your personalized formula then drips into your blood over the course of the next hour or so. After the IV, you are able to return to regular activities, although we recommend that you avoid lifting anything heavy for the next few hours with the arm that had the IV in it.

Most of our IVs take place in our IV suite, where we have comfortable chairs for patients to sit while they get their IV. The majority of IV appointments will take between 60-90 minutes, with some exceptions based on the formula and the individual. Bring a book or an electronic device if you like, or we also have some reading available in the clinic. Out of consideration for other patients, we ask that you refrain from having prolonged phone conversations or using the volume on your devices without earbuds.

What can I expect when getting an IM injection?

The experience of getting an intramuscular shot is similar to getting a vaccine. Once your naturopathic doctor has made up the formula according to your current health needs, this will be slowly injected into a muscle over the course of 30-60 seconds. Afterward, you may experience mild temporary aching at the site of the injection.

How do I book?

All patients are required to have a comprehensive initial visit before receiving IV or IM injection therapy. Injection therapies are not suitable for everyone. Your naturopathic doctor will assess your individual health and determine if IV therapy or injection therapy is the best choice for you.

Please call 403-542-3763, email, or visit our online booking site to book an initial visit or for further information.

Important steps before your IV appointment:

  1. Drink plenty of water the day of your IV.
  2. Eat a meal or snack within an hour or two of your appointment. Bring a snack with you if required.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing, ideally with short sleeves.
  4. Tell your naturopathic doctor about any changes to your health, medications, or any upcoming procedures.
  5. Bring copies of any recent lab work with you to your appointment.