Find Balance & Healing With Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy in our Calgary clinic is a gentle, hands on technique used to realign the body, reduce pain and induce healing. These gentle powerful moves send impulses to the brain where they are processed, and fed back to realign and balance the body. Bowen Therapy has successfully relieved musculoskeletal discomforts including neck and back pain, frozen shoulder, plantar fascitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, and TMJ alignment. “It is also renowned for its effectiveness with internal conditions such as migraines, digestive and elimination complaints, colic in babies, and respiratory problems, including asthma”. (Rentsch, 1998).

Bowen is safe and effective for everyone from highly trained athletes to newborns, pregnant women, elderly, and the chronically ill. It is also wonderful for those wishing to have a total body tune-up, and can be used preventatively to avoid stress and overuse injuries, and to accelerate your body’s performance and comfort. Most conditions are dramatically improved or resolved in 3-5 treatments, however chronic ailments such as fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis may benefit from continued “tune-ups” every 1-3 months. Initial sessions are done 5-10 days apart.

There are 3 rules to follow after any bowen session: Walk, Water and Wait. WALK as your main form of exercise in the 5 days following a bowen treatment, drink 2 litres of WATER a day, and WAIT for 5 days before doing other treatments or therapies, such as massage or a hot bath, which will send a different message to the muscles,. The reason for these rules is to allow the body time to integrate the healing messages of the bowen moves, which takes an average of 5 days. It is also advisable to not sit for more than 30 minutes at a time on the same day after a bowen treatment. Some exercises may be prescribed at the end of a treatment, and those exercises should be done starting the day after your bowen treatment, and continuing until your next visit.

Following is a list of conditions which can be helped with the Bowen Technique:

▪ Muscolo-Skeletal Pain
▪ Frozen Shoulder
▪ Shoulder Pain
▪ Tennis Elbow
▪ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
▪ Arthritic Pain
▪ Sporting Injuries
▪ Headaches
▪ TMJ Syndrome
▪ Scoliosis
▪ Migraine
▪ Postural problems
▪ Gait Disorders
▪ Leg Length Discrepancies
▪ Plantar fascitis
▪ Shin Splints
▪ Fibromyalgia
▪ Foot and Ankle Problems
▪ Hernia
▪ Knee and Hip Restrictions
▪ Pelvic Problems
▪ Sciatica

Respiratory Problems:

▪ Asthma
▪ Bronchitis
▪ Hay Fever
▪ Sinusitis
▪ Allergies

Digestive Disorders:

▪ Constipation
▪ Colic
▪ Crohn’s Disease
▪ Indigestion
▪ Bowel Problems

Gynecological Problems:

▪ Infertility
▪ Mastitis
▪ Pre Menstrual Syndrome
▪ Breast Lumps


▪ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
▪ Balance Problems
▪ Tinnitus
▪ Bed Wetting in Children
▪ Protatic Problems
▪ Hemorrhoids
▪ Earache and Ear Infections